Activity Programs & Special Events

Activity programs and special events are a pivotal part of what Huntington Court is all about. Our programs are specifically designed to enrich, support and maximize the quality of life for each resident. We offer innovative and creative activity programs throughout the week, in the evenings, weekends, and holidays. The department is ran by a qualified activity professional who organizes one on one visits, the monthly calendar, all our volunteers and special events including those outside the facility. Our activity director does regular assessments for each individual so that she and her staff may keep each resident engaged and foster continued independence, group and community involvement. Some of the monthly activities offered at Huntington Court include but are not limited to:

  • Religious Programs (various denominations)

    In the US, > 90% of elderly people considers them self religious or spiritual. The elderly religious participation make up greater than that of any other age group. For them, the religious community is the largest source of social support outside of the family, and involvement in religious organizations is the most common type of voluntary social activity—more common than all other social activity. Spirituality is a fundamental element of human experience. It encompasses a power within itself which gives;

    • A positive and hopeful attitude about life, which predicts improved health outcomes,
    • A sense of meaning and purpose in life, which affects health behaviors and social and family relationships,
    • A greater ability to cope with illness and disability.

    Many elderly people report that religion is the most important factor enabling them to cope with physical health problems and life stresses. All said, spirituality can be the biggest factor in how an elderly person copes with their everyday life.

    Spiritual History:

    Social Services and our qualified Activity Director play a key role by showing their willing to discuss spiritual topics. They will ask about the residents religious beliefs. We want to know whether their spiritual beliefs are a important part of their life, how these beliefs influence their self perception, whether they are a part of a religious or spiritual community, what their beliefs are and what denomination (if any) were they associated with. Everyone is welcome to sit in any service they like but activities will suggest a good place to start or if one on one visits are preferred by you.

    Religious/Spiritual Events Scheduled Monthly:

    * Once a week a talented children’s choir put on a concert and sing uplifting songs of love and joy in our common area. They then carol the halls so everyone gets a chance to hear.

    * Each week, we have at least two services from bible believing churches in the area. Each a little different but each should appeal to most Pentecostal, Baptist, and other Nondenominational believers. A local Church of God has a nursing home minister that most of the resident’s consider their pastor. He takes his ministry very serious and considers himself the pastor and each resident as his congregation.

    * We offer Mass from a local Catholic Priest who is a wonderful man. He is glad to meet with residents and their families in their room’s one on one as well.

    * Our social worker and activities director have people in place and ready to visit that can meet most any religious belief or spiritual need that one may have.

    Also, a couple of the large local churches do a semi-annual “Love Special” event outside of their normal church service as well. These include parties, music, food, crafts, and just showing love by taking the time to visit each resident here.

  • Exercise Programs

    Too often, physical frailty is seen as a fact of life for nursing home residents, with many unable to do even the simplest talks of daily living. Body weakness can also contribute to accidents in the nursing home, with falls being a prime example. Many elderly are institutionalized not because of any disease or cognitive impairment, but because of muscle weakness. Their minds might be quite nimble, but their bodies are diminished. Exercise programs are being used to make these residents bodies stronger and more flexible, helping to facilitate their independence.

    Exercise is a prime example of preventative care, helping residents become better equipped to fight disease and infirmity. Indeed, because of their many health challenges, it is the elderly who can benefit the most from fitness programs. While it is true that physical debilitation is a natural part of the aging process, this debilitation can be minimized through the use of an effective health and fitness program.

    Stretching/Mobility/Range of motion for our long term resident’s:

    Dance to 50’s music in chair twice a week

    Exercise Programs on our Rehab side:

    * These short term guests are welcome to attend the 50’s dance

    * There are special stretching and self resistant training groups that meet 3 times a week. This is for the rehabilitation residents only.

    * Also, there are therapists and therapy aides here 7 days a week to work with you one on one toward whatever your goal may be

  • Beauty Programs

    “Elegant Beauty Salon and Spa”

    We are dedicated to elevating the spirit of our guests/resident’s through the gateway of their self-image, by providing the highest quality salon and spa services available in both a professional and care giving manner. When you enter the spa, you will experience the comfort and elegance of an exclusive spa. From our beautician to our own staff, they have been trained to cater to your needs and to make this a special place where we have the opportunity to turn up the service level a few notches.

    Development of our New “Elegant Beauty Salon and Spa” 

    We considered every detail in the development our brand new spa. You will quickly notice the many extras meant to exceed your expectation. Right off the go, wall colors and flooring were intentionally picked for the proven soothing/calming qualities. Special lighting was used to stop the room from being overwhelmed by institutionalized overhead florescent lighting. The spa lighting was chosen specifically for giving the room warmth as well as an appealing glow. Before you enter, you will already see and hear water running from a continuous fountain over the most beautiful rock formation in the middle of the room. You will also hear faint sounds of the ocean or other nature sounds of your choosing in the back ground. You will also be enticed by the calming aromatherapy of Jasmine. There are comfortable and conforming chairs meant for relaxation and letting your stresses melt away.

    Activities offered in the spa: 

    * Beautician

    * Staff will shampoo resident’s hair in the spa instead of in their room upon availability.

    * Hair Styling

    * Hair Curling

    * Hair Braiding

    * Make-Up or Make-Over’s

    * Manicures & Pedicures

    * Open 24 hours a day for relaxation/therapy or just to sit and break up your daily routine of sitting in the same area every day. This is great for brain and sensory stimulation.

  • Cooking & Baking

    Nothing says home like the smell, sight and taste of a familiar recipe. A recent report conducted by senior living found that activities like cooking and baking are an excellent way for facility residents to evoke memories of the past. From preparation to their plate, cooking and baking are one of the most engrossing activities which present a great way to pass an afternoon. As most of us, the elderly population love eating sweets and comfort foods. The perk of getting to eat your final creation is also an excellent way of enticing and increasing participation.

    Cooking is also a big part of our short term Occupational Therapy Program. Short term residents, usually after a surgery or accident, work side by side with the occupational therapist as they begin the recovery process with the intensions of returning home safely.

    All said, you will usually see food or smell something baking in the oven.

  • Scheduled Outings

    Today, life in a nursing facility need not be synonymous with a life of boredom or solitude. At nearly every waking hour, there are regularly scheduled activities and/or special events going on throughout the facility.

    Some facilities, our self included, have invested in our residents and in our facility by owning/purchasing a facility bus! Our new bus is handicap accessible, including a heavy duty electric lift. It has handled most any wheelchair or other passenger situation we have faced. It is meant to handle those who can buckle up in regular seats as well as space to properly strap and secure wheelchairs and buckle up the resident as well.

    Regular outings are events like movies, ice cream shop, Sunday stroll and sightseeing.

    Practical outings are things like going cloth shopping, grocery store, and the post office.

    Either of these type outings are extremely beneficial to those who reside in a nursing facility. This gives them a since of freedom and you could never underestimate the enjoyment of sightseeing to someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to get out on their own or change their own scenery. In addition, outings provide social opportunities and foster a sense of community involvement in the resident. With these outings, residents are no longer restricted to one location because of the inability to drive or travel independently. They return a sense of true normalcy to the lives of many residents. In essence, these activities allow residents to maintain happy, healthy lifestyles by adding variety and enjoyment to daily routines. Below is just a sampling of some of the events we have done.

    • Shopping – Residents enjoy shopping for themselves, whether it’s Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kohl’s, or the local Dollar Store. Frequent trips are made to allow everyone to enjoy.
    • Dining – Everybody loves going out to eat from time to time. Once you start craving your favorite food, there is only on way to get it off your mind… Road trip! The resident’s usually vote for their favorite restaurants like Cracker Barrel, Larosa’s, Golden Corral, etc… Just getting out for a bit and eating at one of your favorite places brings back a since of normalcy.
    • Cincinnati Reds – We always make a few trips to the ball game. This is a favorite for some of our resident’s who look forward to this trip all year long!
    • Bingo – Bingo is a favorite especially when the residents get to go out to the local bingo hall like they use to.       It brings back old memories, while making new ones too.
    • County Fair – The residents always enjoy going to the local Butler County Fair to watch the animals, listen to the sounds and see the rides. And don’t forget the food. Just smelling fair food gets you excited, much less eating it.
    • Movies – In addition to movie nights at the facility, residents can also enjoy outings to the movie theatre where they can enjoy a movie on the big screen along with a large tub of buttered popcorn.
    • Ice Cream – Trips to the local Flub’s Ice Cream stand is a summer must.
    • Theatre – The Hamilton Rotary presents several plays throughout the year and the residents can go see the plays live, such as The Wizard of Oz.
    • Christmas Lights – It’s a tradition for the residents to bundle up and take the facility bus for a spin through town. We go to all the best places to see lights while listening to the most famous Christmas tunes that will never grow old.

    All these outings are made possible by our facility having its own bus and just as important, our wonderful staff that would go to any extreme to see true enjoyment and happiness on each residents face.

  • Holiday Parties

    Holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends and we make every effort to plan special events for every holiday.

    At Huntington Court you will find that you have a lot of help getting into the holiday spirit. Whatever the holiday, you will find that we are giving our very best to make each of these days special. We have many visits from groups of school children who perform special programs. Volunteers, church groups and charities make it a point of stopping by each room to cheer the people and maybe leave a trinket of some kind to remind them they are loved. Our staff can help you go through the check list before taking your parent home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday or any other special life moments. When it gets to the point there is no expectation of going home or leaving the facility, we will provide a special private area for the family to come visit their loved one and enjoy a get together here.

    Our Activity staff is very good at keeping track of some of the special days in your life like birthdays, anniversaries, Memorial Day for those who served in the military. We want you to rest assure that we are here for you so all the holiday pressure doesn’t fall on you. If you celebrate a holiday a week in advance due to everyone’s schedule or you couldn’t make it until a week after due to a sickness of your own, we want you to rest assured on the actual scheduled holiday that someone is here to be with them and to tell them you love them.

    Valentine’s Day – This is a great day to remind our residents how much we love them. Residents enjoy special valentine’s treats as well as voting on their choice for Huntington Court’s King and Queen.

    Easter – The facility invites resident’s families to come and hunt Easter eggs. Residents love filling the eggs with candy and watching the little ones run to find them.

    Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

    Memorial Day – This is a great time to recognize all of our residents that have served in the military forces. Each resident’s story and picture are posted on a wall telling the story of how they served their country.

    Nursing Home Week

    Mother’s Day – Our mothers are recognized with flowers as well as a tea party with their loved ones.

    Father’s Day – Families enjoy a special luncheon with their dads.

    4th of July – Independence Day is always celebrated with a cookout and a nightly fireworks display.

    Labor Day/Bengals Season Opener

    Halloween – Residents enjoy the community trick or treat that goes through the facility, as well as the staff costume contest.

    Thanksgiving – Residents can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, and it’s a big one!

    Christmas – This is our biggest event of the year. Families are invited to join us for our annual Christmas party. In the past, horderves or a dinner has been served. The food will be catered by our own house Chef. Residents also enjoy a Christmas party of their own. They listen to Christmas songs, dance with the staff and have an appearance by Elvis and then presents from Santa. The staff makes sure that each resident has a nice gift.

  • Picnics

    Seniors love the outdoors, fresh air, and a good picnic just as much as anyone else. We always look forward to taking residents outside. Just feeling the sun’s rays or sitting in the shade with a cold drink and a nice breeze is therapy within itself. There’s just a special feeling when you get out and shake off the feeling of being within four walls. We understand the importance of experiencing the outdoors. We recognize the emotional, social, and physical benefits of being outside. It seems to stir energy, excitement, and awakens the senses. We like to plan lots of activities outside, weather permitting. We also love to do things spur of the moment on those days where it feels so good outside, you just can’t pass it up.

    The facility sits far back off the road on a beautiful seven acre campus. We sit among a scattering of very large trees and fields of thick green grass that add so much character and beautiful views. We also encourage the use of the paved walking paths that wander throughout as well.

    Picnics are one of our favorite activities. With the help of our great kitchen, activity staff and department heads, we always have a great time and they go off without a hitch. Some of the set dates that we grill out and have a picnic are:

    * Reds Opening Day

    * Nursing Home Week

    * Memorial Day

    * Independence Day

    * Labor Day

    * The Bengals Season Opener

    * Just because days

We strive to provide each resident with enjoyment and fulfillment. We strive to provide this time in a resident’s life with the opportunity to have fun and live life to the fullest while still learning to deal with their limitations. Our resident’s happiness brings great pride to us. We encourage families to be a part of activity events. Activity professionals are often the un-sung heroes of the healthcare industry. They are called to do much and what they do positively affects the lives of so many of our residents. Ultimately activity professionals affect the image of the entire home. We are proud of our activity department. Our facility reaches out to meet the needs of our community while inviting the community to find the meaning and hope in the midst to partner with us as well. Feel free to stop by anytime and join in on one of our engaging activities!