Caring through Cleaning – Our housekeeping staff knows the importance of attention to detail. You’ll see and get to know our housekeepers as much as anyone on your floor. Because of their visibility, they represent the facility and their customer service skills are crucial. Our staff is here to complete their duties, honor your privacy, and cater to your every need.

All of Huntington Courts housekeepers have undergone extensive training in both customer service AND in their daily cleaning duties.

Along with their other housekeeping responsibilities throughout the building, they will visit your room daily. A few of their daily chores include dusting the entire room, mopping the floors, changing your linens, wiping down bed frames, furniture, over bed tables and even door knobs. Your bathroom will be cleaned with the same ferocity and both garbage cans will be emptied. We strive to keep your room cleaner than you would in your own home. Everyone agrees that a clean room looks better, smells better, and make you feel better. Along with these pleasantries, a clean room actually ties in to some important nursing goals. While our staff cleans your room, they’re also sanitizing all touched surfaces which plays a very important part toward meeting our infection control goals. Also, while cleaning and organizing the resident’s room, it greatly helps lower our fall preventions numbers. Our staff is grateful for the opportunity to serve and as in every position and every person who works for Huntington Court, our one and only focus is you.