Residence at Huntington Court has positioned employees to be there along the way, at designed times when you will need them the most. If anyone has ever had to try making it through the medicaid eligibility process or had to deal with insurance difficulties and rejections right at the time of you/your loved ones sickness, you understand how impractical and monumental the task can be. I’ve seen too many times in the past, families are having to struggle over making life changing decisions while financial concerns loom over their head. This is already a very taxing time both physically and mentally due to all the changes and stressors that are around you. Throwing in financial questions and not knowing where to turn can be a helpless, hopeless and overwhelming feeling.

This is why we restructured our business office position therefore creating more time for your needs. This shows that even financial matters can be fit into the model of “patient-centered care”!

Our (YOUR) “Personal Resource Advisor” is an expert and can help with all the listed services, but not limited to;

Helps Verify Medicaid Eligibility –

  • Your advisor is able to sit with you and go over the exact questionnaires’ that the Department of Jobs and Family Services will ask you when applying for Medicaid for medical assistants.
  • If it seems your eligibility can be met, we will personally complete and turn in the Medicaid application for you!
  • If there happens to be a small spend down of a back account, etc… Medicaid will only allow certain purchases to be made from this point forward. We can offer basic tips like setting up the burial plot and head stone, finishing payment on all funeral arrangements, any personal needs items (for yourself only) which includes all clothing, other personal needs items and even a TV or special adaptive equipment like a custom chair recommended by therapy, a communication board, and other needs that may help increase the resident’s quality of life.
  • Your resource advisor will help you gather the 2-5 years of bank statements needed, written proof of any life insurance policies- including their documented cash value is, and the list goes on. As long as you give the banks and other companies permission to speak with our representative, your resource advisor can even complete the check list of items required on her own so you can focus on more important matters.
  • Annual Medicaid reviews for all resident’s insuring continued eligibility.

Your Personal Resource Advisor manages a bank account for the facility guest/residents

The resident’s funds are in a fully operational, interest baring account, and the accounts are fully insured by an actual “surety bond”. The residents have access to their funds 24 hours a day, 7days a week (Resident’s get money from a cash box with their signature and two witnesses’ signature) The Resource Advisor then reviews and makes the needed changes on-line the very next day. You will receive mailed statements quarterly showing all transactions in and out of the account.

Your Advisor can save you time, hassles, and headaches each month by helping you take advantage of our direct deposit system for all checks

(I’ve watched families in the past who thought they must first get their mothers check each month. The 3 checks all came from different places and were sent out at different times. The family would wait until all checks came in by mail. They would deposit the checks into their account then do the calculation of how much their mother gets to keep which is usually about $45 unless you get extra from VA. They would have the bank transfer the $45 into their moms account and write another check to the facility – usually late. Every time our staff would run to the store to get their mom something she wanted, we would first have to wait until they brought the money in. We are then obligated to give the family back the change for them to put back into her account. Every time one of the check amounts changed, Medicaid would need all 3 checks brought in for verification. Each year when it is time for the Medicaid annual review, they would not only need to bring in a copy of all 3 most recent checks BUT also a year worth of her banking statements. The banking transactions would then have to be backed up by receipts showing the items bought were truly used by the mother and also verify that the account balance has not exceeded the allotted amount. If the account is not watched closely and it builds up or some type of back payment went in all at once, it would make her over resources then causing her to lose Medicaid and have to totally reapply for it.) Maybe all this didn’t happen to the same family but we have seen everyone of the scenarios played out at one time or another.

  • Sometimes we have to let go and just let computers do what they do! Instead of taking on a part time job by keeping up with everything that could happen, let your resource person take care of this for you. She will get All checks coming into a single account under (only) your loved ones name. The system automatically calculates how much the resident will keep and then pays what Medicaid obligates us to collect each month directly to us. This is all done in one simple swoop and there are so many other features like automatic notifications and an actual letter to sent to both you and us alerting us all that the account balance has grown within $200.00 of Medicaid’s allotted ceiling. We can easily at a click of a button take care of any check discrepancies as well as take care of the annual reviews. These are all systems that are meant to make it easier on you.
  • Verifies insurance plan coverage’s.
  • Bills all facility accepted Insurances- primary, dual eligible, and co-insurance claims.
  • Help with the enrollment process of those who qualify for dual eligible programs. (Resident’s choice)
  • Answer questions and help enroll into Medicare part D Plans for optimal pharmaceutical coverage. (Resident’s choice)

Your Personal Resource Advisor is here to help you! Your Advisors hours are flexible in order to accommodate all families!

Please feel free to stop by any time. Sometimes due to the research, phone calls, investigation, etc… on some of the cases or types of issues she deals with (i.e. Insurance Companies, Medicaid & Medicare, the Government in general) it may be best to call ahead and we make an appointment that way the groundwork can already be laid and hopefully we can resolve any issues or answer any questions quickly for you!

Remember, we are here to serve you and your family! 

…making a difference one Resident at a time!