Stabilizing a patient is key to an expedited recovery.  Putting protocols and services in place to keep residents from transferring to and from hospitals is key to having the best outcomes for patients.

Strategies Include:

  • Huntington Court uses the “Abaqis Quality Management System” system
  • Providigm Accredited Facility
  • QAPI Accredited – Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement program
  • Our QA Committee reviews re-hospitalizations weekly to identify cause and intervention potential.
  • Coordinating with local hospitals, LTAC’s, and Home Health agencies to develop strategies to reduce re-hospitalization along a continuum of care.
  • RN with ER training available after hours for critical care assessments
  • 24 hour RN coverage with training on Re-Hospitalization Reduction Program Protocol
  • Focus on preventive protocols and education related to diagnoses identified as having high national re-hospitalization rates.
  • Residence at Huntington Court received recognition for falling well below both state and the national averages with a low re-hospitalization rate for the year of 2013