The Social Services Department at Huntington Court gives residents the option to discuss and develop solutions to foster independence, dignity and personal fulfillment.  Families are counseled on the changes that come with aging and involved in developing a discharge plan that meets the needs of their loved one.  An initial Care Conference is held with our entire team of caring department leads.  These meetings provide residents and family members the opportunity for input about treatment plans, activities, spiritual and social needs, dietary likes and dislikes along with any other needs or preferences you may have.  We encourage families to be a part of the treatment plan and want you to feel free calling and setting additional Care Conferences whenever you like.

Short term-

Short termguests will receive a licensed therapist evaluation usually the very first day or no later than the following day of admission. For our short term guests we set goals and start discharge planning from the moment of the initial evaluation.  The director of social services will meet with the therapists to discuss the best case scenario date you will be ready to return home.  He then informs nursing and they start education on medication types and times, dressing changes, what signs or symptoms to be looking for to call for help.  Social services will help set up your doctor and outpatient therapy visits for you ahead of time.  A social worker and therapist will conduct a home evaluation to assess for any potential hazards or obstacles in or around the home.  We also review your situation with a leading home health company who will help get any special devises or equipment ready before you walk through the door.  Social Services strives to meet your every need including a worry free transition back home.

Long term-

Social Services addresses an entirely different set of circumstances along with the input of the resident, family, and the Care Conference team.   Goals are equally important for long term residents, however different they may be.  Social services can help guide the family and resident through the often sudden and overwhelming changes.  How is the resident adjusting to the change? How is the family adjusting?  Huntington Court understands how difficult this process can be and will help both the resident and family deal with these common and natural feelings.  Social Services works one on one with each resident to monitor intangibles like self-worth, happiness and strengthening optimism.  The resident’s and most likely the children involved in this process are in what many refer to as “the prime of our life” but there is still happiness to be found in each season of our life.  We find peace through our diverse spiritual faiths, the phone calls and the joy of a surprise visit from our kids and grandkids.  The happiness of a cookout in early spring with the smells and feeling of the warm sun is evident in their faces.  There are the simple joys like sitting down to watch the Reds opening day or listening to the game on radio.  These are just a few of the little things can still bring enjoyment to our life and spark treasured memories.  Your mind and body work together in determining how you feel.  Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists set reachable goals that were specifically made for you. Our kind and motivating restorative assistants will help you reach those goals.  There are many success stories from participation in long term therapy and restorative programs.  A resident may have a goal as basic as maintaining his or her current level of independence or with enough effort and help from supportive braces to devises like adaptable eating utensils; significant independence may be given back to the resident.  Within the earliest years of our life, independence becomes an important basic need.  Residents find great joy and satisfaction from maintaining the ability to do such small things themself that we take for granted every day.  Our Social Service director will be here to lead you on this journey and our staff will be there for your loved ones every step of the way.  Huntington Court has transformed “Long term Care” from being a place where life ends to a place where the passion of life is reignited again!