The Wellness Center at Huntington Court

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new addition, the Huntington Court Wellness Center, which is the premiere rehabilitative facility in Butler County. With a separate entryway from the extended stay nursing facility, the Wellness Center offers intense therapy by caring professionals with the goal of helping you get back to your everyday life.

The majority of our guests are with us from two to three weeks. We place special attention to making your stay as comfortable and recuperative as possible. Our therapy staff is available 7 days a week and develops a program unique to your needs. State-of-the-art equipment coupled with therapists trained in physical, occupational and speech therapies ensure the best recovery possible. Our physical therapists focus attention on functional mobility, balance training, strengthening and pain management. Our occupational and speech therapists prepare activities and exercises that reflect daily living. They strive to return our guests to their highest level of function and independence.

After you’re done in the fitness center, you can retreat to your oversized private suite with complimentary amenities like private bath and shower, electric bed, flat screen TV with cable, phone with private line, Wi-Fi, and rooms that are fully furnished and decorated. When developing this unit, we expected lots of family involvement. This is why we included the family café, family lounge, the bistro, hearth room, private terrace with wooded view, and plenty of other areas to enjoy with friends and family. It’s your time to read a book, play cards, watch TV, or just have food delivered. The point is; we want you to relax and recover.

“We appreciate everything you’ve done for mom. She’s been in 3 other nursing homes but never received the same quality of care and heart-felt concern. After mom’s latest setback, we couldn’t believe how much quicker her recovery process moved. Mom was thrilled with her progress. We are so thankful for all your efforts. Huntington Court’s entire team did an outstanding job!”

“Thank you all for the care and kindness given to me during my stay on the Wellness Center at Huntington Court. I had such concerns about spending time in a place besides home but you proved my concerns all wrong. My recovery would never have been so quick and pleasant if I didn’t come to your facility.”

“Thank you to all the staff at Huntington Court for all the care and compassion you showed myself and my family during my rehab stay. There is no place like home, but if I wasn’t ready to be home yet, your facility is the next best stop!”

Rehabilitation Services at the Huntington Court Wellness Center 

Huntington Court’s Wellness Center offers a variety of rehabilitative services to residents, with the goal of restoring them to their highest level of functioning and optimal quality of living. Our residents reside here temporarily to receive rehabilitative services before returning home. The Wellness Center also offers out-patient rehabilitative services.

The Admissions Coordinator and Wellness Center Manager welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and how we may serve you!

Our Wellness Center physical therapy experts develop an individual plan of care for each resident/patient so that they may achieve the highest quality of life. Assisting individuals in achieving their maximum level of functional independence involves a combination of therapy to decrease pain, while increasing strength and flexibility. Safety awareness is also an important component in optimal health maintenance for all patients.

Meaningful and purposeful activities led by our occupational therapists help residents/patients increase or maintain their highest level of independence. The Wellness Center treatment plans include: self-care, daily living activities, wheelchair mobility, contracture management, energy conservation, adaptive equipment, safety, and caregiver training.

The Wellness Center speech therapists work with patients who have communication and swallowing deficits. By improving speech patterns or learning to use speech assistive devices, the patient’s ability to communicate with staff, family, and friends is greatly enhanced. The speech therapist also performs swallowing evaluations and treatments, working to ensure that the patient is able to eat safely, and maintain or improve their nutritional status.